Anglian Area Lecture Day

On Sunday 18th November the Anglian Area had our Lecture – workshop day.

The day started with Ben Milan-Vega and Sarah Till giving a wonderful workshop on suitable routines for over 35’s in Cha Cha Cha and Rumba. They had both obviously given a lot of thought and time to this, as they produced quality amalgamations incorporating basic figures, which were married altogether with special little sparkles. I would also like to add that Ben and Sarah both looked beautifully groomed and danced with class and style. As well as both executing their lecture with conviction and professionalism. Sarah breaking down the followers steps, and Ben the leaders. I am sure we will see some of these routines on the MOY floor in 2019!

Then we had Mr Steven Verrall, or should I say Master Verrall! who gave us a double workshop. First of all Ballroom then Latin. The knowledge Steven has is second to none. However he has the ability to simplify with words and actions for all to understand…  Even if you are at pre Bronze level, after a lesson with Steven you can look like an above Gold competitor!

Steven spoke in depth about the different styles of dancing we have today. The Italian style, Russian style etc.  He spoke about how we create balanced movement with flight and expression. Understanding the difference of roles and look between a leader and follower, the responding of movement through the body action in Latin and much more. It was a pleasure to watch everyone’s faces so engrossed in learning.

I would like to thank everyone for coming to our Anglian Area lecture day. Also a very special thank you to Steven, Ben and Sarah for making it a truly successful day.

I would to take this opportunity to announce the retirement of Sylvia Finbow and Keith Allen from the Anglian Area committee, and thank them for their many years of unselfish service to the area.

We would also like to welcome Elaine Allgood and Ben Milan-Vega to the Anglian Area Commitee.

Anglian Area Lecture Day