Alternative Rhythms Committee Change Temperature from -5 Degrees to Sizzling Hot

When the day starts early with the sound of scrappers removing thick ice from the windscreen of cars, it is difficult to imagine that within an hour the atmosphere was sizzling hot.

That is exactly what we had when attending the Alternative Rhythms Salsa Roadshow at Silverdale Community Centre in Nottingham on Sunday the 3rd February.

A warm greeting with welcoming drinks and biscuits was supplied by the North Midland Area committee, before we undertook the business of learning the full NATD Salsa syllabus from beginning to end.

The figures beautifully demonstrated by our committee member Anthony Bazin and his wife Sniedze were followed by an impressive crowd of people who travelled for many miles to continue their own personal development of this exciting dance style.

“The Salsa is a wonderful dance with such varying figures and feelings and despite recent public success has gone largely un-serviced by our dance industries.” Phil Meacham, Chairman of the Alternative Rhythms Committee continued “It has always been our intention to create a technique book that is easy to follow, works well within the psyche of a Ballroom and Latin American teacher with regards to lay out and content, and more importantly is constantly developed and updated.”

It is not uncommon in the dance industry for technique books to be created, put on a shelf and then hardly ever re-visited. This was never the intention of The Alternative Rhythms Committee as Phil explained. “We have a very systematic review strategy for all the technique books within The Alternative Rhythms Committee, including Tango Argentino, Merengue and of course the Salsa. All of our technique books are regularly reviewed, every 18 – 24 months, and any additions where required are added.”

I often hear people say that technique should always remain the same, and whilst I generally agree, the foundation and flag stones of technique should remain constant, as music changes and evolves our technique must also evolve with it.

Alternative Rhythms Committee Change Temperature from -5 Degrees to Sizzling Hot