North Midland News

The North Midland Area have been very busy this year.  On 3rd January the very talented and funny, Anthony Bazin, travelled to Nottingham and provided our members with a full day of salsa.  He presented the steps with style and clearly explained the technique and syllabus in a relaxed environment.  There was lots of learning and lots of fun had by all.

In March, we held our Medallist of the Year, Ballroom solo and Latin couples, qualifier competition.  It was a lovely atmosphere and lots of happy dancers qualified for Blackpool! It was a fabulous day of dance and the hard work of all the pupils and teachers was beautifully displayed.

Four weeks later we travelled to wonderful Whitby for the Latin solo and Ballroom couples Medallist of the Year qualifiers.  Once again lots of excellent dancing.  Many thanks to the North Eastern Area for hosting this event, many of us enjoyed a paddle in the sea and yummy fish and chips too!

On May 19th we were lucky to welcome the exceptional Nick Kelly, partnered by Cheyenne Russell, to provide us with a wonderful morning of lectures.  Nick taught basic routines in samba, rumba, foxtrot and quickstep then developed them into advanced routines, making small changes.  He paid attention to body positions, head positions, sway and timing to create a lovely ‘picture’.  In the afternoon, our lectures continued with the wonderful Jacqueline Naylor who shared her experiences of pre-rainbow, ‘Dance tots’ classes. With great hilarity, we pretended to be two and three year olds, whilst Jacqueline guided us through a typical class, concentrating on repetition of movements, use of a variety of props, familiar songs and music but mainly fun for both the children and their adult.  Hopefully, more of us will run these classes which will feed into our rainbows.

Our busy year continued on 22nd September when Steven Verrall and Helen Jessop, two super high-class professionals came to Nottingham to provide our pupils and members with a wonderful Ballroom and Latin workshop.  They explored the finer details of dancing basic figures using correct poise and feeling, to stand out in a competitive environment.  Steven explained, it all starts with the way you walk onto the floor and present yourself as a dancer. This gives a presence in the room and makes adjudicators and audiences look at you.  We were so privileged to have Steven and Helen share their invaluable knowledge and experience with us.

Many thanks to all our lecturers, we are very lucky to experience such talent. Thank you also to everyone who attended all the events, we really value your support.

North Midland News