Northern Workshop Day

Today’s quote of the day by our Chair – “NATD… IT’S THE PLACE TO BE!” It certainly was the place to be today…

Quality lecturers inspiring quality students who worked their dancing feet to the absolute max putting their hearts and souls into every workshop and we have received some amazing feedback from so many of you.

Many thanks to our lecturers Jenna Roberts, David Needham, Lisa Dent and Marcquelle Ward for your valuable time and knowledge, and we are grateful for the support of our members present today and for sharing your talented students with us.

A huge well done to all nominees for the Jean Geddes Memorial Award that is presented to the student that all 4 lecturers felt showed the most promise on the day and this year our lecturers choice was Miss Lucy Williams of The Hyde School of Dance.


We, as a committee, continue to work towards more exciting events coming your way in 2020 so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Northern Workshop Day