Whitby Social Ballroom Competition

Dancing makes you happy inside and out as there is a greater release of endorphins when moving to music.

This was certainly seen at our Social Ballroom Competitions in Whitby on 13th October.

We had 12 schools enter, with an amazing 30 Adult Couples in the open section.  To see them all lined up was certainly a joyous sight, and equalling the younger sections, it shows that dance is enjoyment for all ages.

Our thanks go to all the teachers and pupils, our very hard-working Judges, Roy & Elaine Sharpe and Dawn Parker, and also our Scruteneer’s Robert & Louise Aldred, for making this a very friendly, successful day.

A big extra thank you goes to Ann Applegarth, for standing in as our Compare until Valerie returned from the Carl Alan Awards.

Whitby Social Ballroom Competition