New NATD Patron Mr Tom Chambers

Mr Tom Chambers, winner of “Strictly” , world famous Tapper and star of Stage and Screen has agreed to become an NATD Patron.

Tom now  joins our extensive list of high profile celebrities who already support our beloved association.

Tom writes – Thank you so very much for your kind invitation to become a Patron of the NATD.

It’s a great honour to be asked and I humbly accept. It’s a community I would cherish to be a part of as movement and dance shaped my reality from a very early age and it has given so much pleasure. I too believe that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy dance with some encouragement to take part and not be afraid. It’s wonderful, as you know, how freeing and uniquely individual it can be… and with the right dose of nurture it can be the difference between someone being inspired or left out, in which feeling “left out” should never be the case!

Many thanks and I look forward to attending with great pleasure when it’s possible.

I have recently started working on “TapWithTom” and have chosen Starlight Children’s Foundation as a partnership to also collect for. This is an “at home/DIY learning tap from scratch programme” with my 6 year old daughter Olive. I’ll be talking about it on Alan Titchmarsh’s Sunday morning “Love Your Weekend” on ITV on 28th February – this was pre-recorded a few weeks ago so I need to get some more videos up before then!

If you would like to take a look the link below can take you to all the relevant sites, the main one being YouTube. It’s still somewhat in its “Beta stage” but the videos are slowly and organically improving.

You can find the link for ‘TapWithTom’ here:

New NATD Patron Mr Tom Chambers