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Chief Executive

Kevin Page

My involvement with dancing has been well documented during recent years since having the pleasure of being your President.

Some of you may wonder as to whether this was sufficient for me to put myself forward for the position of Chief Executive following Keith’s death at the end of may this year.

I had spoken to him during 2011 to see if there was any chance of me being considered for the position when he felt the time was right for him to retire. I felt that the NATD should have in some form a succession plan. Following our conversation he was very pro-active with involving me and asking my opinions on all sorts of matters that members never get to hear of. I was proud that he was able to take me into his confidence over all sorts of issues.

Bit by bit decisions had to be taken by the President that he would normally have dealt with as during 2011 and into 2012 he had a couple of spells in hospital and due to his age it was evident that things were taking it’s toll. I am sorry that he insisted on going to the Far East but his devotion to the NATD was unquestionable. I therefore became responsible for making more decisions and caretaking the running of the NATD.

Due to my life in dancing my professional career always took a back seat; the job had to fit in with the dancing and my personal life. I left school at 17 with sufficient qualifications to secure me a place in my local Barclays Bank where I stayed for two years until it was time for me to be transferred. I had to leave as it did not fit in with my plan for dancing.

I moved into local government where I stayed in a very mundane admin job for 8 years, it did however allow me to continue with the dancing and complete nearly all my professional qualifications. By this time I knew that to support my dancing I had to move into a better paid job, I now also had two small children to support. I was successful in getting a job at Whitby Magistrates’ Court where my boss the then Clerk to the Justices’ saw that I had potential to advance and before I knew it he had enrolled me on a Law Degree course at Bristol Polytechnic that specialised in Law in Magistrates’ Courts. Luckily it was a part time course that I was able to fit in with my dancing and my family.

It was hard work, I would do the day job, teach till 10 pm nearly every evening and then go home get the law books out to study, the hard work paid off and I completed the course without any re-sits. I was then offered the opportunity to take a year out of my job and train to be a solicitor. I turned the opportunity down as it would have meant sacrificing both the dancing and my family life for one year.

My boss was very sympathetic to my reasons. I never regret having turned it down as ultimately being a Solicitor would have meant long days at the office with a heavier workload and less time for dancing. My boss did not give up on me and saw that I had strengths in management. He promoted me and I moved down to Scarborough to take charge of a much bigger team including the management of a 100 strong bench of Magistrates. I was still able to continue with the dancing - everything fitted in.

I have now been in the same job for over 20 years and during that time have gained further qualifications in Management & Health & Safety and yes as you know I am still dancing. My life is busy but manageable; I am enjoying the challenges that the role of CEO brings and am able to use the skills that my life within the Civil Service has taught me. I am continuing to make myself available for examining work as I feel that it is vital I keep in touch with you all, I don’t want to become isolated or out of touch with what is going on in our dancing schools. I am still involved with the running of our own dancing school and will continue to be the Area Secretary for the North Eastern Area.

Slowly things are starting to change for the better. I am receiving a lot of positive feed back about the changes that we have already implemented. I look forward to a bright new future for the NATD and more importantly look forward to working with you all the benefit of this wonderful organisation.

Kevin R Page