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NATD Education

NATD Education is a new initiative launched in Autumn 2018. We are excited to be introducing and organising a series of initiatives and projects across the regions the NATD are currently working in. Our work is focusing on outreach work into schools and community projects to support dance in and out of schools. To support and promote our work we have a dedicated member of staff in our NATD head office.

Our unique aim as a dance organisation is to create more unity and collaboration between education and specialist dance teachers. The projects and initiative below are some of the ways we are designing opportunities to strengthen links between dance education and the wider dance community. We are generating new partnerships and relationships, as well as championing our current successful connections.

Our Projects
  • Level 4 Diploma in Dance

    Our Level 4 teaching qualification in dance was launched in 2017 and is now well established.

  • Outreach work in schools

    Curriculum centred units of works with specialist dance teachers delivering these in schools across Key Stage One, Two and Three.

  • Contemporary Dance

    Our dynamic exam branch which supports dance in schools through supporting aspects of the GCSE, BTEC and A Level qualification.

  • Course and Workshops

    Courses and workshops for students and teachers to support technique, performance and school curriculums and qualifications.

To find out more please look at the links on the left or get in touch with Kate Kearns our Education Administrator at or via telephone on 01635 868888.