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Adult Fit

NATD has developed syllabi for Adults (over 16 years) in Ballet, Tap and Modern Dance to encourage all adults to enjoy theatrical dance.

With benefits for physical and mental health proven through exercise, everyone is welcome to the classes which offer Levels 1-5 in all branches. A fantastic way to keep fit.

Alternative Rhythms

This includes Argentine Tango, Mambo, Merengue and Salsa.

These are all popular with Social Dancers for "Together Dancing". Many clubs exist to cater for couples wishing to pursue these dance forms. The NATD offer exams in these dance forms for all ages.

Rock & Roll

Still popular today, and danced by couples of all ages.

Styles vary from the many turns made by the girls, led by the man, to the acrobatic style, which includes many lifts and drops. The NATD offer exams in Rock & Roll, for all ages.

Country & Western

Line Dancing continues to develop as both music and styles change.

It is a popular form of dance for people who wish to dance without a partner. However, Partner Dances, known as "Round Dances" can also be performed. The NATD offer exams in this style, for Amateurs of all ages; and also a Professional Qualification, for teachers.