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North Midlands Children's Dance Day 2019

On 19th May the North Midlands Area held their annual Chidlren's Day of Dance. This was a wonderful day where all dance schools came together to learn & experience differnet styles of dance. The children had an amazing, fun packed day with leftures in body conditioning, ballet, tap, contemporary, modern & musical theatre. 



Emma Reeve - May 2019



'Fascinating Rhythm' at The Claire Dobinson School of Dancing

The Claire Dobinson School of Dancing performed their bi-annual showcase of ballet and dance 'Fascinating Rhythm' at Buxton Opera House on 16th and 17th April. We were honoured by the presence of NATD president  Miss Annette Hufton, and Senior Examiner Miss Wendy Bates. The styles on display included ballet, tap, modern, gymnastic dance, contemporary and street dance from the tiniest two year olds to Advanced 2 ballet dancers and adults. 



 Claire Dobinson - May 2019



NATD Alternative Rhythms Committee Change Temperature from -5 Degrees to Sizzling Hot

When the day starts early with the sound of scrappers removing thick ice from the windscreen of cars, it is difficult to imagine that within an hour the atmosphere is sizzling hot.

That is exactly what we had when attending the Alternative Rhythms Salsa Roadshow at Silverdale Community Centre in Nottingham on Sunday the 3rd February.

A warm greeting with welcoming drinks and biscuits was supplied by the North Midland Area committee, before we undertook the business of learning the full NATD Salsa syllabus from beginning to end.

The figures beautifully demonstrated by our committee member Anthony Bazin and his wife Sniedze were followed by an impressive crowd of people who have travelled for many miles to continue their own personal development of this exciting dance style.

“The Salsa is a wonderful dance with such varying figures and feelings and despite recent public success has gone largely un-serviced by our dance industries.” Phil Meacham, Chairman of the Alternative Rhythms Committee continued “It has always been our intention to create a technique book that is easy to follow, works well within the psyche of a Ballroom and Latin American teacher with regards to lay out and content, and more importantly is constantly developed and updated.”

It is not uncommon in the dance industry for technique books to be created, put on a shelf and then hardly ever re-visited. This was never the intention of The Alternative Rhythms Committee as Phil explained. “We have a very systematic review strategy for all the technique books within The Alternative Rhythms Committee, including Tango Argentino, Merengue and of course the Salsa. All of our technique books are regularly reviewed, every 18 – 24 months, and any additions where required are added.”

I often hear people say that technique should always remain the same, and whilst I generally agree, the foundation and flag stones of technique should remain constant, as music changes and evolves our technique must also evolve with it.

 It was great to see 14 people presented with their Diplomas for the good work in the Salsa all of whom seem keen and eager for a Salsa stage 2!

 Watch this space.

 Phil Meacham February 2019



 Anglian Area Lecture Day

On Sunday 18th November the Anglian Area had our Lecture – workshop day.

The day started with Ben Milan-Vega and Sarah Till giving a wonderful workshop on suitable routines for over 35's in Cha Cha Cha and Rumba.  They had both obviously given a lot of thought and time to this, as they produced quality amalgamations incorporating basic figures, which were married altogether with special little sparkles.  I would also like to add that Ben and Sarah both looked beautifully groomed and danced with class and style.  As well as both executing their lecture with conviction and professionalism.  Sarah breaking down the followers steps, and Ben the leaders. I am sure we will see some of these routines on the MOY floor in 2019!

Then we had Mr Steven Verrall, or should I say Master Verrall!  Who gave us a double workshop. First of all Ballroom then Latin. The knowledge Steven has is second to none.  However he has the ability to simplify with words and actions for all to understand...  Even if you are at pre Bronze level, after a lesson with Steven you can look like an above Gold competitor!

Steven spoke in depth about the different styles of dancing we have today.  The Italian style, Russian style etc.  He spoke about how we create balanced movement with flight and expression.  Understanding the difference of roles and look between a leader and follower, the responding of movement through the body action in Latin and much more.  It was a pleasure to watch everyone's faces so engrossed in learning.

I would like to thank everyone for coming to our Anglian Area lecture day.  Also a very special thank you to Steven, Ben and Sarah for making it a truly successful day.

I would to take this opportunity to announce the retirement of Sylvia Finbow and Keith Allen from the Anglian Area committee, and thank them for their many years of unselfish service to the area.

We would also like to welcome Elaine Allgood and Ben Milan-Vega to the Anglian Area Commitee.

Helen Jessop, Nov 2018



North Midland Tango Argentino Roadshow

July 15th was a fabulously scorching summer day when 3 week old Rafael made his debut appearance at the Tango Argentino Roadshow, Nottingham, conducted by his parents - Anthony & Sniedze Bazin.

The event was enthusiastically supported by examiners and teachers alike taking to the floor learning how to dance Tango Argentino, how to teach it & how to conduct dance classes & dance socials.

Everything was clearly & explicitly explained & demonstrated with the added bonus of Anthony's witty, dry humour, thus making the learning process very enjoyable. He also involved all present by partnering them at various times through the teaching, showing just how easy this dance is to learn & follow. He gave many teaching tips & for the examiners, advicce on what to be looking out for when examining medal tests too.

All in all this was a wonderful day of learning & dancing, & we all went home very hot & very satisified with what we had learnt; & I know straight into the shower to cool down!

Lastl I would like to thank the North Midland Area for hosting this event. Everyone was made most welcome & kept going with plenty of hot & cold drinks. 

If your area has not yet held one of these roadshows then please contact NATD Head Office to arrange one. 

Karen Chevalier


July 2018


 Kevin Page in Cheshire

I had the pleasure of travelling to Poynton in Cheshire in June, an exciting new opportunity has come to the NATD through Pamela Martin who lives in Ireland but trains candidates in this country for their professional Ballroom and Latin American examinations. Pamela is a Fellow and Examiner of the South African Dance Federation and a Fellow with the IDTA and is now training candidates for the profession through the NATD, this is really exciting news. The four candidates I examined for their Associate Ballroom examination had a very good standard of dancing and also of the theory that is required.

 From Left to Right: Bryan McKay; Ian Hall; Pamela Martin; Kevin Page; Anne Davies; Maxine Hall

Pamela hosts cruises with P&O and all four candidates took their Associates so that they too can work on cruise ships teaching people how to dance, this is really good for the profession and also the NATD, in addition to training more professional candidates, Pamela will be involved in putting through candidates for their Bronze Ballroom & Latin American exams as part of their cruise round South America in January 2019.

Kevin Page


 June 2018


Neil Dewar in Malaysia

Examiner Neil Dewar in Malaysia had a great time at World Dance Academy for their medal test. 


 May 2018 



NATD North East Ballroom Qualifiers

We in the North East, were honoured to have the President of the NATD Annette Hufton, present the Awards, to our winners on 8th April at Whitby Spa Pavillion.

Annette had never visited the Spa before and was impressed with the room and facilities. Chocolates were presented to her in thanks, and as all committee members were in attendance, it was found to be a great opportunity for a photograph to record a very successul day.

Many of those present used the time to take holiday in and around Whitby, seeing the sights and taking in the fresh North sea air. Congratulations to all who gained their passes to attend the Blackpool finals in September. 

Many thanks to all ten schools and their teachers and our hard working judges - Fabio D'Angelo, Amy D'Angelo and Neil Eleazar.

Thank you also to Michelle Webster on the mic, who kept us all under control, Robert and Louise Aldred for their efficient scrutineering and Liz Young for an excellent choice of music enabling everyone to dance their very best.

Good luck to everyone and see you in Blackpool!

Julie Herrick

April 2018



NATD Anglian Area Competition 2018

The first Anglian Area MOY qualifier was very well attended by 12 schools from several regions ranging from Reading, Essex, Kent and Whitby!  Over 200 talented dancers from as young as 4 years old descended on Ipswich to compete for trophies and a place at Blackpool. The Judges commented on the obvious high standard displayed by all dancers, and everyone looked amazing in their best competition dresses which really added to the occasion.  The healthy competitive atmosphere buzzed from start to finish and it was a delight to see the teachers enthusiasm for their pupils to perform to the best of their ability. 

I would like to thank all the schools for coming to the NATD Anglian Area Competition and for putting so much effort into making it a truly magical day!  Thank you to the judges Steven Verrall, Olive Baily and Mark Willimite.  Many thanks to Sylvia, Michael and Jean who helped so much with the things we don't see.  A special thank you to Trudi Shepherd for helping pull it all together, resulting in a fantastic, successful smoothly run event.  The atmosphere was wonderful and everyone's love for dancing just sparkled!  I feel honoured to be the Chairperson for the NATD Anglian Area.

More photographs are available from

Can't wait to see you all at Blackpool.

Helen Jessop

March 2018





London Ballroom Area Workshop

London Area Lectured Day – Sunday 3 December

Report by Marion Fenton & Zoey Price

On Sunday 3 December, the London Area Ballroom teachers gathered at the County School of Dancing in Reading for a Lecture Day & Annual General Meeting.

A fabulous collection of world-class lecturers including no less that two former world champions were booked to supply deep technical knowledge to the waiting teachers.

Nicola Nordin “The Queen of Latin” was first on.

Nicola’s lecture was a great start to the day. Delivered in a very professional and informative manner. The detail in breaking down the different rumba walks was clear and easy to teach from bronze standard and upwards. Everyone would have taken away a very good understanding of the technique involved the timing and musicality.

Overall the lecture was focused on making dancing natural and using the technique to enhance and develop our pupils.

Our next lecturer was the excellent Michael Barr who was introduced as the “Godfather of ballroom”.


Michael comes across as being very passionate about his love of dance.  He started off with getting the right feel with our partners by just transferring our weight distribution which all makes sense.  He then demonstrated the feather step and showed us three different ways people Tend to dance them, which was really interesting and informative.  Everyone joined in and enjoyed this hour of learning, which we all agreed went far too quickly!

Our third lecturer of the day was Emma Hawley, who was introduced as the “Princess of Medallists”.  Emma demonstrated three rumba amalgamations with her son Zac, with varying degrees of difficulty.  She invited everyone on to the floor and then demonstrated each section.  Emma then demonstrated three waltz sequences with the same professionalism.  Everyone went away with something to teach their pupils.  

Finally, NATD Senior Examiner Mary Richardson was lecturer the last of a fabulous day. Mary is highly qualified examiner and a long-standing member of the National so who better to lecture on what an examiner expects to see when taking an exam, either as a amateur or a professional.  

Mary’s first bit of advice was to make the candidate feel relaxed by having a little chat before they start.  Mary made it very clear as examiners we are not in the position to catch candidates out but to find out what they know.  She also went on to say as examiners we represent the national and need to encourage new schools to take exams, so you don’t want to mark too harshly and discourage them.   Mary ended her lecture by welcoming the new examiners. 

A superb day of top lectures – thank you to the London Area committee for supplying such a great informative and relevant day, which was as they say “on-trend” in every way, and 100% subsidised by the area – so completely free to NATD teachers.  Now, that is a Christmas Bonus we like very much indeed!

Dec 2017




 Oct 2017