Chris Booth becomes Honorary Member


I am delighted and extremely honoured to be awarded Honorary membership of the NATD.

Having been General Secretary of the Theatre Dance Council International for the past 8 years I have worked closely with our eight member associations, which of course includes the “National”. I was absolutely delighted when the NATD decided to re-join the TDCI once again several years ago, having previously been a member for many years!.

My role in the TDCI includes organising all our major events. These include the British Theatre Championships, the English Theatre Championships, the TDCI Champion of Champions & Bursary Awards, the National Scholarships, the TDCI World Performer, and Theatre and Freestyle Carl Awards. The NATD are involved in all these events!!

I also deal with over 20 organisers of our regional Championships throughout the year, who present over 100 TDCI Championship titles in various genres of theatre dance. Ensuring they receive their certificates and medallions in good time, ready for their events. Also the competitors must have a TDCI registration card to compete in these events, so liaising with the teachers is a daily task required in order that all the Championship dancers are able to have the opportunity to compete in these prestigious events.

I am always busy and involved with many other tasks in the TDCI, and also as a Director of the Allied Dancing Association. However, I have always loved the National Association of Teachers of Dancing and the work it does, and what it offers it’s members.

It is fantastic that we have 8 associations under the TDCI umbrella for Theatre dance, and I am now proud to say I am an honorary member of two of these associations, being the IDTA and now the NATD. Thank you so much for bestowing this honour on me.

Chris Booth

TDCI General Secretary


Chris Booth becomes Honorary Member