The National Association of Teachers of Dancing is a company limited by guarantee. Its Articles of Association control it and a Rule Book has been framed within those articles. A full-time Office Manager and staff under the direction of the President and the Council of Management administer the Association. The latter are all democratically elected for a limited term of office but may offer themselves for re-election.

Professional examinations are available in all branches. Each of these has a syllabus of graded examinations and medal tests which can eventually lead to professional standards. Each branch is controlled, under the jurisdiction of the Council, by a technical sub-committee, which is re-elected at the biennial Examiners Meetings; Ballroom alternating annually with Theatrical. The Theatrical workshops are held in the Midlands, North and the South.

The Association produces a magazine twice a year, issued free to all its members. This updates them on forthcoming events, syllabus revisions, and Head Office information. It also includes stimulating, sometimes thought provoking, articles and general comment on the dance business and dance trends.

A number of technical publications are available from head office. The Association is truly international with a worldwide membership in many countries. Examiners regularly travel as far afield as Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Vietnam. The National is a member of and has representatives on the following bodies:

  • British Dance Council
  • Sports and Recreation Alliance
  • Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre

NATD Senior Examiners/Chairperson

Alternative Rhythms                            Phil Meacham

Ballet                                                   Valerie Le Serve

Ballroom & Latin American                  Mary Richardson

Classic Ballet                                       Eileen Bennett

Contemporary                                     Harita Stavrou

Freestyle, Street & Rock n Roll          Frances Dawson

Gymnastic Dance                               Beverley Hadley

Musical Theatre                                  Yvonne Creber

Modern Stage                                     Sharon Potter

National Tap                                        Julie Bates

Sequence                                            Audrey Bromage

Stage Branch Tap                               Yvonne Creber

Meet The NATD

Wendy Bates

Ballroom and Theatrical Branch Examiner

Andrea Brunton

Theatrical Branch Examiner

Yvonne Creber

President, Stage Branch Tap Senior Examiner

Frances Dawson

Midlands Area Chairperson, Senior Freestyle Examiner

Graeme Hinchliffe

Non-Executive Director

Annette Hufton

Quality Assurance Manager and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Rachael Meech

Non-Executive Director

Kevin Page

Chief Executive Officer

Mary Richardson

Senior Ballroom and Latin American Examiner

Sharon Roberts

London Theatrical Secretary, Theatrical Branch Examiner

Richard Rose

Ballroom Branch Examiner

Harita Stavrou

Contemporary Senior Examiner

Michelle Webster

Ballroom Examiner

Our History

I would definitely recommend this Diploma to anyone who wanted to go into teaching or even those who just want to gain a bit more knowledge and experience, having a year to complete the diploma also makes it very time manageable.

Jessica Mullan

I’ve said for a while that more dance should be included in the school curriculum. It’s not only a great way of learning something new while exercising but fantastic for connecting with others and team building. I’ve found that dance sets off endorphins similar to that of the gym, brings an incredible amount of joy and contributes to maintaining people’s mental health.

Robin Windsor