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Theatre Young Performers Award – EVA CARTWRIGHT

I feel so honoured to be nominated by the NATD for such a prestigious award. I started dancing with Jackson dance company when I was 3 and completed many NATD exams
receiving distinctions in them all and high distinctions for all majors.

I was mid and senior associate for Royal and Elmhurst. I also competed regularly winning many
medals, trophies, and titles in all genres. I was scouted for a competition in America where I
performed the American dance teacher’s choreography and got a top score award.
I competed in some TDCI champs in both modern and ballet and won some ballet champs making
many finals including placing at the British championships.

I have competed in the NATD scholarships since they restarted. The first year I made the national
finals in ballet and modern then won the ballet , I was then asked to represent them at the British
scholarship finals where I won the ballet against some fantastic performers from the other exam
boards. I was also asked to perform at the NATD national congress which I loved.
Last year at the NATD national scholarships I won the Ballet , modern and contemporary titles and
again have the privilege of representing the NATD at the British scholarships this time in modern
which I am very excited about.

I have taken part in many shows including performing at the Lowry theatre in Manchester .
Last year I auditioned for ballet schools to continue my training and received offers for 4 top schools,
I ultimately accepted Elmhurst where I am pursuing my dream to become a professional Ballet
dancer. Thank you once again for considering me alongside such amazing candidates.

Theatre Outstanding Services Award – Kevin Page

I am deeply humbled to have been nominated by my colleagues in this category. I have been a dance teacher since I was 18 years old originally training in Ballroom, Latin American,
Classical Sequence. I have Fellowships both with the NATD & ISTD in these genres.
I was appointed as multi genre Ballroom Examiner in the late 1990’s and went on to take further
qualifications in Freestyle, Rock n Roll & Viennese Waltz. Following the introduction of an NATD
Musical Theatre syllabus I have gone on to qualify as an Examiner in this branch also.

I was elected to serve on the NATD Council of Management in 2006, and elected to the position of
President in 2010, my term of office came to an end with the sudden death of the previous Chief
Executive. I stepped into the role quite naturally; I have now been the NATD Chief Executive since 2012.
During my time as CEO, I have seen the NATD expand and grow into the association it has now become. Under my direction and leadership, the NATD has been granted OFQUAL status for all the Theatrical genres it offers its teachers, Ballet, Classic Ballet, Contemporary, Gymnastic Dance, Modern Stage, Musical Theatre, National Tap & Stage Branch Tap. I am delighted that Freestyle has also been added to the register and that the NATD are now working on a new Street graded syllabus, which will be available from 2024 together with Ballroom & Latin American.

I am immensely proud of the fact that the NATD is a member of the TDCI, this was something I felt was vital to the promotion of Theatrical work within our association. The NATD have also re-introduced its very own Theatrical scholarships, the NATD can now actively take part in the many championships that the TDCI promotes. I look forward to collaborating and working with the TDCI for the promotion of all forms of dance for many years to come.

Freestyle Young Performers Award – Marley Rodriguez

I am a 14 year old dancer who has trained with Gillian Anderson in various styles of dance since 2 years old. My love of dance is what gets me through life, when I dance I escape from reality, I let go, feel the music and my body just moves. I love the feeling that dance gives me, the freedom of movement and expression of emotion, dance for me is like breathing, it really is an integral part of my every day life.

Thank you so much to the NATD from the bottom of my
heart for this recognition and nomination I am eternally grateful.

Freestyle Performers Award – Cody Adams

Cody Adams started her competitive freestyle career with James Mctear school of dance at the age of 4 and has excelled in all areas of dance. Cody has had a very successful journey winning all major competitions including the very sought-after Disco Kid title for 9 consecutive years with 14 disco kid wins in total . Other titles include , The World championships , Eurodance , Icon , DIVA along with many more prestigious titles all at premier championship level.

As a competitor Cody has won many other awards such as Carl Allan young performers
award, ADFP, Le Classique, Diva and the people’s choice awards 2 years in a row along with
other very respected awards within in our industry. A huge highlight was when Cody was
asked to perform as part of the cabaret acts for the Le Classique de danse awards evening in

Cody is very honoured and privileged to be considered for the Carl Allan performers award
and would like to take this opportunity to thank the selection council for her nomination.
Good luck to all other nominees.

Freestyle Outstanding Services Award – Maxine Glasby

At 3 Maxine began her training with Gabriel Osbourne School of Dance, Mansfield studying Latin and Ballroom. At 11, Maxine moved to The Richard Purdy School of Dance and began training in Freestyle at its inception. She remained with Richard Purdy throughout her training and at 14 attended Midland Academy of Dance and Drama under Frances Clayton, where she began competing nationally in Freestyle dance competitions.

At 17, Maxine moved to Dave and Anna Jones to enable her to compete in bigger competitions. Her
competing career took her to South Africa and 1987 she gained the World, British and South African
freestyle titles. In 1989 Maxine opened Disco World School of Dance. She began teaching Freestyle classes one night a week to 20 children and before long was teaching to over 200 children. Maxine moved to bigger premises in 1993, began training children to compete at competitions
nationwide and adjudicating at competitions. Between 1993/1999, she took students 3 times to
compete in South Africa. She has trained many World Champion title holders over the years.
2003, Maxine opened a full time Performing Arts Academy and name change to Expressions
Performing Arts and introduced singing, acting and musical theatre classes.

Students have gone on to appear in the West End, UK tours, all major cruise liners, TV & Film, and
teaching. Expressions is partnered with Nottingham College which offers fully funded places on their BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma and their BA Honours courses Maxine is qualified as Fellowship in Freestyle and Latin and continues to enter candidates for exams.

Freestyle Lifetime Achievement Award – Geoff Sheldon

Like many dance teachers I began teaching freestyle dance in 1977, following the release of John
Travolta’s “Saturday Night Fever” film. I attended the inaugural meeting of the A.D.F.P in Birmingham; became a member of the first Midland Area Committee and went on to be Chairman for several years.

I provide training to dancers for medallist awards, competitive work, and professional
qualifications. I adjudicate and have scrutineered freestyle, ballroom and sequence dance competitions and have successfully trained new scrutineers.

Along with my wife Vicky and fellow dance teachers Don and Diane Corbett we successfully
promoted freestyle dance competitions in the Midlands, winning the A.D.F.P promoters award in
2004. I have been a freestyle examiner for the National Association of Teachers of Dancing for ??

Freestyle Lifetime Achievement Award – Diane Corbett (nominated by the ADFP)

I started dancing at the age of 4 at the Nineva dance school in Handsworth Birmingham under the watchful eye of Dorothy & George Lasq then going on to take medals and eventually competing in Latin and Ballroom competitions being trained by John & Joan Knight and becoming a member of their Latin team travelling to many different places at home and abroad.

Eventually after getting married in 1975 we opened a school Diane & Dou Corbett School of Dance in October of that year training all forms of dance but specialising in Ballroom and Latin. The school
continued its success and became Corbett School of Dance then along came disco as it was called then and I became a member of the A.D.F.P. at the inaugural meeting. I continued to train freestyle dancers and went into promoting freestyle competitions in the early 1980s going on to win A.D.F.P. Awards, Le Classique Dance Awards and a Carl Alien award.

Having trained a number of championship dancers over the years I am pleased to say that some of them turned professional and now successfully run their own schools. The love of freestyle still continues and I have held many posts over the years in the  A.D.F.P. Midland area committee as well as The National Executive Council. I became involved in producing the first Freestyle Technique syllabus in 1987 and became involved in joint meetings with BDC to promote and further develop freestyle dance within the main societies.

I became an Examiner of the N.A.T.D something I enjoy immensely and am currently a member of their Freestyle Committee. After being Treasurer of the A.D.F.P. for more years than I care to remember l became Chief Executive a number of years ago and continue to promote Freestyle Dance.

It is an honour to be nominated for this prestigious award and I thank the A.D.F.P for their kind

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