Freestyle Dance started in 1977, with the release of the film Saturday Night Fever. It was then called “Disco Dancing”. It gave young people the opportunity to dance without a partner, and move to modern music. Although it was thought to be a “Phase” and likely to be “short lived”, it is still as popular today, as it was way back then.

Over the years, it has been developed by Dance Teachers, and encourages dancers to develop good poise and posture. Moves include fast spinning, high kicks and isolated body actions.

The NATD offer an exam structure from Rainbows (ages 3 to 8 years) through to National Awards for all ages.

Freestyle Dance allows the individual dancer freedom to express themselves from within. For those who wish to pursue this form of dance can enter competitions held at both home and abroad. It can be also be used as a step towards entering Stage Schools.