Through the solid base of technique, built-up throughout the grades, our aim is to help children and students develop rhythm, timing and a greater knowledge that can be nurtured with enjoyment.

The branch offers a graded syllabus that begins with the basic steps in Class Examination where children can start to learn from an early age the skills required, and this continues and expands as the grades progress. From Grade Two Upwards Teachers are encouraged to choreograph their own routines with the technical steps required, giving them the chance to devise arrangements suitable for their pupils.

Students can progress on to the Vocational Grades, Intermediate Foundation to Advanced Two, which continue to stretch the students. Vocational Grades develop their technique further with artistry and performance skills developing throughout. These grades can lead to the Professional examinations, for students wishing to further a career in teaching. There are also Medals Tests available from an early age which continue with Junior and Senior Medals.

Whether they wish to become a professional dancer or merely treat dance as a hobby the National Tap syllabus provides an exciting and stimulating way for pupils to develop and flourish.