Do your students have a passion for dance? Would you like to provide your students with specialist high quality dance provision that fulfils the criteria in the National Curriculum?

NATD qualified dance teachers are available to come into your school and offer a short (6 weeks) or longer (12 weeks) unit of work.

This is an exciting new initiative as part of the NATD Outreach programme into schools. The classes provide your students with the opportunity to develop their choreography, performance and appreciation skills with experienced, highly qualified and passionate dance teachers.

Introduction for Schools

Sample Lesson

I have taught and entered many professional candidates and through doing so have come to appreciate what an inclusive and diverse organisation the NATD is, one that I am proud to be a member of!
S Barrett
I’ve said for a while that more dance should be included in the school curriculum. It’s not only a great way of learning something new while exercising but fantastic for connecting with others and team building. I’ve found that dance sets off endorphins similar to that of the gym, brings an incredible amount of joy and contributes to maintaining people’s mental health.
Robin Windsor