Tap dancing increases both flexibility and strength, improving the cardiovascular condition and developing coordination in the dancer. It is also a fabulous way to develop the over all muscle tone and improve memory!

The syllabi have been devised for those who wish to work towards a professional career in the theatre, those who wish to become future teachers and for those who wish to dance for fun and sheer enjoyment.

Our Graded syllabus commences with Class Examination from the age of 4 which introduces and develops rhythmical skills, coordination, spatial awareness, confidence and team building skills. Students can then progress through the Grades becoming more skilful and really enjoying the intricate rhythms.

There are medals tests from 5 years upwards where students are encouraged to give a stage performance in costume. There are Junior and Juvenile medals then Bronze, Silver and Gold at Junior and Senior levels.

Intermediate Foundation to Advanced 2 encourages students who wish to be teachers or professional dancers. Students learn different styles, secure their technical ability and develop their performance skills.