Ballroom Solo Development Awards


🔷 During the initial lockdown a small group of Examiners got together to look at ways in which to get things moving in Ballroom Schools once they were allowed to open their doors. Initially the brain child of Michelle Webster, multi-genre Ballroom Examiner, the committee have developed a progressive syllabus in line with the current Ballroom and Latin American syllabus encompassing all genres of dance where a partner would normally be needed. To make it different to the existing syllabus the committee have added easy warm up and cool down exercises for your pupils to do as part of any exam they wish to take in the future.

🔹 PLUS: Videos from NATD Patron, Multi Genre Examiner Steven Verrall who from the sunny island of Malta shares his idea of “Shadow Dancing” which could easily be used as part of any Solo Dance Development Award exam.

👉 Click here to download the video & add to the basket to get your free syllabus 👌