Carl Alan Awards – Freestyle Selection Committee

We are delighted to announce that the NATD Members below have been selected by the committee to be in the finals of the Carl Alan Awards 2022:

Freestyle Young Performers Award – Keira Wild and Romi Page

Freestyle Outstanding Services Award – Don Corbett (Posthumous)

Freestyle Lifetime Achievement Award – Frances Dawson

Well done to you all for making the finals! 👏

You can find out more about NATD Finalists here 👀

Thank you to the selection committees that chose the finalists for this years’ Freestyle Carl Alan Awards 2022.

Chris Booth, Kathy Booth, Carol Parry, Marai McAuley, Diana Freedman, Dawn Parker, Amanda Tapp, Frances Dawson and Gae Sowerby.

Carl Alan Awards – Freestyle Selection Committee